[:en]Korean Culture[:ro]Cultura coreeana[:]

[:en]Being a country proud of its cultural history, South Korea maintained various traditional palaces, temples and old gardens to display to the tourists. The Cherry Blossom Festival is the one preferred by travelers, with its lanterns and masks parades, which enchant the eye of the viewer. However, contemporary cultural manifestations are neither less appreciated nor presented, many festivities including dance, music and sports being enhanced by the sky-scrapers and neon lights that are a trademark of the fast – paced Korean culture. With China in West and Japan advancing from the             East, South Korea has been the front where these tensions would be released for a long time. However, despite the efforts of outside forces to control or assimilate it, this civilization has managed to maintain its independence and heritage. Until recently, Korea was one state, ruled by century-long dynasties. However, the thirty five-year long Japanese occupation that lasted from 1910 throughout 1945 and the dividing of the peninsula as […]