South Korea – GATE 2 ASIA / Romania – GATE 2 EUROPE: The Cluster Consortium from Northern Transylvania goes international!

The year 2016 proved to be an important one for the Northern Transylvanian Cluster Consortium in order to open up cooperation with Asian partners. This was possible due to the development of economic, cultural and academic relationships between companies in Romania and South Korea. Support for this approach was also possible due to the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Cluj-Napoca City Hall, an important representative of the consortium institutional pillar, and the Small & Medium Business Corporation (SBC), the Korean national SME support agency, One of the most important economic authorities in South Korea. Under the terms of the Memorandum, the two institutions undertake to collaborate to promote investment and cooperation between companies through the exchange of information and experience, technology transfer, association for the development of projects, strategic alliances and so on. Thus, an important step towards the realization of the commitments was the organization of an economic mission in South Korea through the Northern Transylvanian Cluster […]

Suwon Hwaseong Cultural Festival 2015

It is a known fact that travelling is one of the best medicines against a distressed mind or a fatigued body. Not only that, but as famous writer Mark Twain used to say, it is also “fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness […] Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.” It is on these premises that one should try (myself included) and see as much of the world as one can during their time on this earth and take each opportunity that presents itself for such endeavors, as it is most difficult to take advantage of them in the more and more hectic existence of the current society. Recently I have been presented with such a rare and occurrence and I knew I had to take it, even if that meant giving up on other undertakings that required my attention at the same time. In […]

"Martisor" in Suwon

During the period 25-29.09.2013, we organized a delegation participation at a series of joint events city days Suwon, which included the 50-th Edition of the Festival City of Hwaseong. This year, we got to be invited, along with master chefs, participants in cultural minifestivalul, and a folk ensemble, to participate in Folklore Festival component in Hwaseong. This, in reciprocity with events organised in may by the Open Bridge Consortium, as well as actions to promote the country to South Korea. Since it was not included in the initial budget, organizers had to participate with a small team, but of the best. And they, were the ensemble of Martisor, students ' culture Cluj-Napoca, who repeated the success from last year, from Folkloriada Anseong. Last year remained in the memory of the Korean, for outstanding performance, the name of the Martisor adding other Romanian names left in memory as performance indices, (Nadia Comaneci, Gheorghe Hagi, etc.) The Romanian delegation was also present with […]